Is your organisation menopause friendly?

At Norfolk Menopause we see only too often the devastating effect menopause can have on women and their careers. Menopause hits when women are typically at the peak of their working lives, yet it is not unusual for women to take time out of work or even resign due to the impact of symptoms. Brain fog, anxiety and insomnia are typically the most debilitating symptoms for women at this time.  The combination of good medical management and the right support at work can make an enormous difference and allow women to continue in their careers.

Norfolk Menopause regularly works to support women and their employers through the menopausal journey. We can offer tailored sessions to help cover your business or organisation’s needs. Please get in touch for further information and estimated costs.

Norwich School

An enormous thank you for giving your time and being so incredibly helpful yesterday. I have had so many comments about how fabulous it was to have received such a thorough education from two very lovely people so my extended thanks to you for getting NLS nearer to where it needs to be in terms of Menopause awareness.

Jun - 2023
Norwich High School for Girls

This has been a valuable session with some excellent tips and management strategies.

Mar - 2023
Norwich City Football Club

Fantastic workshop! I have attended a menopause workshop with another organisation, and I found this simpler to follow and understand. This has given me a lot to think about!

Jun - 2023

Example workshops

Our menopause workshop is an educational event designed to provide businesses with information, support, and practical strategies to navigate the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that often accompany menopause.

An introduction to the menopause
Menopause in depth
Menopause and mental health
Menopause for men
Menopause – Question and Answer Session
Menopause case-based discussions, including work-based scenarios

Please let us know what your organisational needs are and how you feel we can best help you

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