No, though we are very happy to receive referrals from GPs most of our patients self-refer. You will be sent questionnaires about your symptoms and medical history via email before your appointment

The easiest way to book is online, by clicking on the links on our Clinicians page.  This takes you through to Carebit which is the secure electronic practice management software that we use. You will be guided to create a Carebit Portal (very quick and easy!) to manage your booking and enable you to access information after your appointment. If you have any difficulty booking or would rather book over the phone please contact our secretary Sharon.

Payment is usually made online at the time of booking your appointment. If you would rather book and pay over the phone please contact our secretary Sharon.

This is very easy to do via your Carebit Portal. Or contact Sharon our secretary.

Most Norfolk Menopause consultations will be held at Healthshare Norwich (formerly Global Clinic). This is a welcoming and relaxed environment with easy access and parking. Tim Duncan will in addition be offering some appointments from Spire Norwich.

Most insurance providers do not yet cover menopause. Please check with them. If they are able to cover you, please discuss it with Sharon our secretary before booking. At present Mr Duncan is able to see insured patients.

We would always prefer to see you in person. But if you are further afield Drs Ahlund, Cary and Healey may be able to offer video appointments. Please speak to our secretary Sharon before booking.

Yes, you will get a letter via email with details of your consultation and your individual management plan. We will copy this to you GP unless you ask us not to.

We are linked to Pharmacierge, a private electronic pharmacy service that quickly delivers medication to your door. Their prices are very competitive and there is no charge for delivery. If you would rather take a prescription to a local chemist we can give you a paper prescription. Once you are settled on HRT your GP may be able to take over prescribing, though in most instances testosterone prescriptions will need to be continued privately.

These can be taken privately at Healthshare Clinic. Blood tests are usually not required, please see our Investigation of Menopause page for further info. In some instances your GP may be happy to arrange blood tests for you, though they are under no obligation to do so.

These can also be arranged at Healthshare, please see our Investigation of Menopause page for more info

Yes these can be fitted at Healthshare Clinic

Yes, we can prescribe testosterone if it is indicated. Though many women do not need testosterone – please see our Treatment of Menopause page for further info.

Usually, we would recommend a 3-month follow up after your initial consultation. And then an annual review, your hormone needs change with time and any treatment may need adjusting. Some women are happy to return to the care of their GP after their initial consultation.

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