As three experienced NHS General GPs, we are used to dealing with all aspects of women’s health. We offer a holistic approach and want to understand your symptoms in the context of your wider health and their impact on your life.

Initial specialist GP consultation – 45 minutes (£250)

In this in-depth appointment, we will work with you to develop an individualised management plan.

After your appointment we will email (securely encrypted) you a detailed letter and, unless you request us not to, we will send a copy of this to your registered GP

We offer one free email after your initial consultations for quick queries. If more in-depth advice is needed, we would ask you to book a telephone discussion or follow-up consultation.

Focused initial consultation – 30 minutes (£195)

If there is one particular area you wish to concentrate on we offer a shorter focused initial consultation. If we cannot cover your needs in this time frame we may ask you to book a follow-up appointment

Testosterone quick-start – 30 minutes (£195)

If you are already established on transdermal (patch, gel or spray) HRT with good control of flushing and want to consider adding testosterone this one is for you!

Follow-up appointment– up to 30 minutes (£180)

We recommend a follow-up 3 months after your initial consultation to review progress and make any necessary adjustments. An annual review is then recommended and necessary if we are to continue prescribing for you – your hormones change over time and prescriptions will need to be tailored accordingly.

Telephone discussion – Existing patients only– 15 minutes (£90)

For existing patients, we offer a telephone service for brief enquiries.

Repeat prescription – free within 3 months of consultation, otherwise £35

Please note that as practising NHS GPs, Drs Cary/Ahlund and Healy are unable to see patients who are registered at their NHS surgeries (Mattishall Surgery for Drs Cary and Ahlund, St Stevens Gate for Dr Healy)– these patients will need to choose another Norfolk Menopause clinician

Cancellation and appointment changes

You can change or cancel your appointment by logging into your Carebit portal. If cancelling, please email us at norfolkmenopause.co.uk in order to initiate your refund.

Please note if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice you will still be charged the appointment fee. If you cancel between 24 and 48 hours 50% of the appointment fee will be charged. Cancellations more than 48 hours ahead of the appointment will not be charged.

If you have any difficulty cancelling, please contact us by phone or email.


Paul Simpson – 
Initial Consultation: £275 for 40-45mins appointment
Follow-up: £185 for 25-30mins appointment

Tim Duncan –
Initial Consultation: £250 for 30min appointment
Follow-up: £175 for 20min appointment

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